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4 Things You Need To Save Money On

One of the problems we all face is that we never know when an emergency will pop up that needs extra dollars to throw at it. A stove, a dryer, maybe your furnace… almost anything can happen, and these days nothing is cheap, especially if you have to have someone install whatever you need.

Then, of course, we had too work our way through the pandemic, when many stores were increasing prices of pretty much everything because of the shortages of pretty much everything. Some items you could only get by going to sites like eBay and Amazon because the supply chain across the board had slowed down considerably.
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Some Financial Tips For 2024

Many people are still having problems with their finances, and it’s scary. Some know they’re not making enough money, which is obviously a problem. Some don’t think they’re making enough money because they’re in debt, and what they probably need is some budgeting advice. And some know they’re making enough money, they’re spending that money, and not planning for the future.

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As always, we’re here to help. This is an easy money to-do list to help give some guidance for everyone as it regards how to handle your money. It’s not overly comprehensive because we don’t want to confuse anyone, but we believe it could help a lot of people. Let’s begin.
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Think About Your Financial Style At The Beginning Of The Year

I don’t know about you, but at the beginning of every year something I start concentrating on is how I hope certain areas of my financial life will go and where it will take me. For instance, I look at my business and hope it stays thriving and continues to be profitable. I look at my bank account and hope it keeps growing. I look at my life and I hope that it continues to give me everything I want and hope for.

Not as expensive as it looks 🙂

The truth is that not everyone does that kind of thing. There are people who hope for new jobs, new friends, new love lives, and new bodies. Those things are bad, but one of the things we often see when we look at other articles and such is that there are more people who say that they wish they were millionaires and they hope to win the lottery.
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4 Ways To Save Money The Old Fashioned Way

While we spend a lot of time advocating that people find ways to save money by budgeting, we don’t spend much time talking about ways to shave off a dollar here and there so that you can put that money either into savings, paying down outstanding bills, or investing. There are some common sense things people can do that may not always be popular, but are sound and still allows people to enjoy their lives nicely.

Here are 4 suggestions that won’t change your life all that much but will save you some money:
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What’s Your Relationship With Money?

The above might seem like a strange question to ask but it’s an important one. The reason it’s important is because there’s many people and businesses that have problems with their finances, and often they’re making enough money so they should be able to sustain themselves just fine.

vintage car

vintage car

Excluding the camp that really doesn’t have enough money to get by easily, there’s two basic relationships with money. One is freedom, the other is security.
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