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4 Things You Need To Save Money On

One of the problems we all face is that we never know when an emergency will pop up that needs extra dollars to throw at it. A stove, a dryer, maybe your furnace… almost anything can happen, and these days nothing is cheap, especially if you have to have someone install whatever you need.

Then, of course, we had too work our way through the pandemic, when many stores were increasing prices of pretty much everything because of the shortages of pretty much everything. Some items you could only get by going to sites like eBay and Amazon because the supply chain across the board had slowed down considerably.
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Some Financial Tips For 2024

Many people are still having problems with their finances, and it’s scary. Some know they’re not making enough money, which is obviously a problem. Some don’t think they’re making enough money because they’re in debt, and what they probably need is some budgeting advice. And some know they’re making enough money, they’re spending that money, and not planning for the future.

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As always, we’re here to help. This is an easy money to-do list to help give some guidance for everyone as it regards how to handle your money. It’s not overly comprehensive because we don’t want to confuse anyone, but we believe it could help a lot of people. Let’s begin.
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Legal Fees Could Kill Your Business

In the summer of 2009, the Valley Swim Club of Philadelphia created a major controversy when it suddenly kicked out a group of black children from its facility, returning money that had been paid to them, and sent them packing. The dispute was blamed on a miscommunication on who was coming and when they’d be coming.

Of course, no one bought that excuse, and the swim club faced all sorts of bad publicity and protests. Finally it had to face a major lawsuit brought by the Pennsylvania Human Rights Commission, stating that “it had found probable cause to conclude that the campers were asked not to return because of the ‘racial animus’ expressed by one member and ‘racially coded comments’ by other members.”

The Valley Swim Club ended up deciding to file for bankruptcy, with the intention of closing the club and selling off all its properties to pay its bills, including any settlements or court decisions as a result of these lawsuits. An email sent out by the club president, John Duesler, stated that though the lawsuits hurt, the club had been barely staying out of the red for the past decade and already owed more than $100,000 in other expenses. That was back in 2012; can you imagine how much that would cost these days?

Lawsuits cost a lot of money, no matter which side you’re on. Filing a lawsuit costs money; how much depends on the type of lawsuit being filed and where it’s being filed, as every state has different filing rates. Defending yourself against a lawsuit might cost you more money, whether you win or lose; lawyer, legal fees, fines against you or your business, loss of work time… and more things to worry about.

If you have to hire a lawyer, that’s definitely going to be expensive, as most lawyers start at least around $600 an hour, except for maybe the initial conversation. If you’re a small business, you not only have to deal with finding a way to pay for a lawyer and everything involved with that, but you’re going to miss time from work, which means you’re not making any new money to replace the money you’re spending unless you have a few employees to help you out.

There’s also the bad publicity you might have to deal with if the lawsuit hits the local news, and you’re hoping to stay in business once things have been settled. Even if you win, your reputation could take a major hit depending on what the problem was.

Something that major companies are starting to realize more often is just how bad it looks when they have multiple lawyers sitting at the table when someone who’s suing them only has one lawyer, who has yet to be paid because his pay is dependent upon the outcome of the lawsuit. Juries are like everyone else; they hate the impression of someone being bullied.

It’s for reasons like this that we advocate that all businesses think more about financial planning for the future, both for personal and business reasons. In this case, thinking about legal representation for things you might have to deal with is definitely a large financial consideration. You may not always be able to talk your way out of a situation, and for some businesses, liability insurance isn’t easy to find.

Legal fees takes away money from everything and everybody; at the very least one would hope your company is incorporated or protected in some way, which removes personal liability from any decision. This is something someone like us can talk to you about when we work with you through our accounting services; we’ve made recommendations to many of our clients throughout the years.

If you’re looking to keep your business out of expensive lawsuits, cleaning up your business practices and training your personnel on good customer service practices might be a good place to start. If you don’t take care of that, you might be the next business that’s closing its doors and filing bankruptcy. We don’t wish that on anyone.

Just something to think about, business or otherwise.

Are You Worried As You Get Closer To Social Security Age?

We might as well talk about the elephant in the room, especially those of you from age 55 and up. Social Security is in danger from certain politicians, but even if it ends up being saved, are you ready to live on it?

It’s not this bad…

The reality is that only 20% of the American citizens who eventually claim Social Security are actually living on it. Almost all of those people invested early or had well paying jobs, enough to put away so they could live on it when they retired.
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4 Important Things You Should Be Budgeting For

We talk budgets all the time because things come up that we all suddenly need money for. Just last week one of our clients needed to pay for a quick airplane ticket and if he hadn’t had the extra $1,000 available, even if it left his account depleted, he’d have had some real problems.

Suffice it to say, most of us live paycheck to paycheck. If we budget at all, it’s to make sure we can pay the bills we currently have, buy food and maybe partake in a bit of entertainment. And yet danger is always lurking around the corner. Thus, these 4 things you probably need to think about:
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