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4 Important Things You Should Be Budgeting For

We talk budgets all the time because things come up that we all suddenly need money for. Just last week one of our clients needed to pay for a quick airplane ticket and if he hadn’t had the extra $1,000 available, even if it left his account depleted, he’d have had some real problems.

Suffice it to say, most of us live paycheck to paycheck. If we budget at all, it’s to make sure we can pay the bills we currently have, buy food and maybe partake in a bit of entertainment. And yet danger is always lurking around the corner. Thus, these 4 things you probably need to think about:
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5 Reasons You Need To Start Budgeting Your Money

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about this, but it’s time to remind everyone again: you need to start budgeting your money. Most people hate when we say things like this but you know we’re telling the truth. No matter how good or bad the economy is, many people end up in trouble because they’re not verifying that they have enough money to pay their bills and pay for things they want instead of things they need.

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When things start going badly, you need to be prepared and know how to handle your money, whether you’re working or not. Maybe you need to dip into savings or go on a payment plan for some of your bills. Without knowing what your general cash flow is you’re going to be in trouble.
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Paying Down Debt Is Essential To Your Financial Health

Years ago we bought something that was a want but not a need. We thought it would bring joy and health to the family, but it never worked properly. Within six months we decided the monthly expense wasn’t worth it and we got rid of it; it was a nice dream but we didn’t receive any benefits from it.

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Once it was gone we thought about what we might get next with the money we weren’t spending on the useless item. Instead, we decided to go the smart route and use the money to pay down more of our debt.
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10 Tips For Getting Out Of Debt

Many times, when people are looking for ways to reduce their debt, they go looking for someone else to help them with their problems. The truth of the matter is that every person is capable of figuring their way out of debt if they have a job and are bringing in some kind of money. It may not be easy but it’s better to have some background knowledge to help you move forward.

Below are some tips to employ to help you gradually, or quickly, work your way out of debt.

1. Write down all your debts.


This is always the first step, because, as Dr. Phil might say, you can’t address what you won’t acknowledge. Take one month’s worth of bills and write down what each is, as well as the amount you’re expected to pay. For credit cards, write down the annual percentage rate. Also, write down how much you estimate you spend on things such as food, gas, entertainment, etc. Yes, this is about budgeting.
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7 Ways To Start The New Year Off Right Financially

It never hurts to start thinking about your financial comfort. The beginning of the year is a great time to do it, even though any time you decide to do it is also a great time.

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It’s in that vein that we give some general tips on financial planning, spending, budgeting, taxes, or other things that, because 2014 is right around the corner, is a good way to start planning for your financial future, or addressing some things in your past. We don’t call these resolutions because we’re not trying to change you just to change you. We hope to make you think about some financial aspects of your life and how you can feel more comfortable with just a few changes; okay, 7 changes. Here they are:
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