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Using A Credit Card As Part Of Your Budget

Over the years on this blog, we’ve talked about the dangers of using credit cards unwisely while also trying to find ways to be able to get yourself out of the mindset of using them. We even talked about why, because of credit score issues, it might be wise to keep at least one card around and using it here and there to have a positive credit history.

Something we should have considered is that there might be ways to take care of your budget and your credit score by using credit cards as part of your budgeting efforts. Actually, we’ll only say “one” card; we don’t want to be fanatical!
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4 Ways To Save Money The Old Fashioned Way

While we spend a lot of time advocating that people find ways to save money by budgeting, we don’t spend much time talking about ways to shave off a dollar here and there so that you can put that money either into savings, paying down outstanding bills, or investing. There are some common sense things people can do that may not always be popular, but are sound and still allows people to enjoy their lives nicely.

Here are 4 suggestions that won’t change your life all that much but will save you some money:
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What’s Your Relationship With Money?

The above might seem like a strange question to ask but it’s an important one. The reason it’s important is because there’s many people and businesses that have problems with their finances, and often they’re making enough money so they should be able to sustain themselves just fine.

vintage car

vintage car

Excluding the camp that really doesn’t have enough money to get by easily, there’s two basic relationships with money. One is freedom, the other is security.
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You Must Eliminate Fear To Be Successful Managing Your Money

The thing I see more often than anything else is the fear in people’s eyes when they don’t want to know the truth about their finances. The problem with that is twofold. One, sometimes things are actually good. Two, not knowing means you can’t do anything about it.

The reason most people won’t put together a budget isn’t because they’re confident in their ability to pay their bills. It’s fear of the unknown, that they may be on the cusp of serious money issues they’re not ready to deal with. Yet, overwhelmingly people are able to pay all of their bills and still have money left over. Sure, they might have to change up their spending patterns and learn how to use coupons to help their money go further when necessary but it’s more of a comfort to know they’re not in debt and are potentially right around the corner of fiscal relief.
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