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Should You Buy A House?

Here’s a general question that almost every adult at one time or another in their lives either ask themselves or have someone else ask: should You buy a house? It’s a tough question to answer most of the time because not all circumstances are equal, and not all “homes” are houses. After all, purchasing certain types of condos could be considered homes, and in cities like New York City people purchase apartments as their homes. So let’s stick with the main topic of whether you should buy a house or not.

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The thing about buying a house is that it’s not really yours initially… it’s only yours once it’s totally paid for. You can modify it as you wish. You might have a yard you can do things with. You’ll probably know where you can park your car if you have a garage. You might have a basement as living space or for storage. And, if you have a growing family, having a house will provide security, protection, possibly more space for more bodies, and great memories down the line.
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