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Tax Law Changes 2019

Once again a timely yet not evergreen article as we close out 2019 and the decades of the 2010’s. There aren’t a lot of changes for 2020 but we still have a few things we’d like to get out to the masses.

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Let’s start with personal taxes. Standard deduction has increased to $24,400 for joint fining, $12,200 for single, while the personal exemption has been eliminated. Most filers won’t be able to itemize any longer unless you have a qualified business. Child tax credit has doubled to $2000 per child under age 17. There’s also a temporary credit of $500 per dependent in 2019 called the Family Tax Credit.
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Figuring Out Your Credit Card Debt

It’s been a while since we wrote about budgeting and credit cards. It’s time to reinforce the importance of understanding each of these and learning how to use your knowledge to either get control of credit cards or totally eliminate your credit card debt.

Mission24: NUMBERS
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Before you decide to take action on your debt you need to know what it is. Whether it’s doing some kind of debt consolidation or filing bankruptcy, you need to know what your expenses and income is to first find out if you’re in real financial trouble or just need to get a handle on your spending.
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