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Take Care Of Your Necessities First

A couple of years ago we asked this question: have you started budgeting yet? It’s a fairly important question because we’re of the opinion that you can’t grow and maintain your finances without knowing how much you make, how much you need to pay out every month, and how much you have left over for everything else. We highlighted 3 things in that article:

* your bills are under control

* you have more money in your checking or savings account

* you have more peace of mind because you’re not as worried about paying your bills

Farben und Vitamine
Gertrud K. via Compfight

To expand on this topic, we felt it was a good time to talk about “wants” versus necessities. You’d think this one would be easy, but often we find that what many people believe is important to them isn’t really all that important in the scheme of things. These may or may not be bills you’ve put within the budget, but it’s important enough for you to think about the necessities first… even moreso than all the bills sometimes. Shocking? Let’s find out.
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