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Are You Financially Ready For Some Normalcy?

It’s been a rough 15 months or so of having to deal with the pandemic. Our health was paramount as something to deal with, but our finances were a close second. Many people lost jobs; others started working from home. This led to a major change in our economy; a lot of stores closed and aren’t coming back.

Unfortunately there’s little we can do about that. Many people barely had enough money for food, rent, mortgage and other bills. Luckily, many companies worked with us to help us get through the worst of it; so did many states.
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Paying Down Debt Is Essential To Your Financial Health

Years ago we bought something that was a want but not a need. We thought it would bring joy and health to the family, but it never worked properly. Within six months we decided the monthly expense wasn’t worth it and we got rid of it; it was a nice dream but we didn’t receive any benefits from it.

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Once it was gone we thought about what we might get next with the money we weren’t spending on the useless item. Instead, we decided to go the smart route and use the money to pay down more of our debt.
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Tracking Your Spending For Your Financial Health

How well do you track your spending habits?

We ask that question because a great number of people have absolutely no idea how or where they spend their money. This ends up with folks looking at their bank statements wondering where their money went, and sometimes leads them to either overdraw on their bank accounts or go over the limit on their credit cards.

Why is this important? Because while the Justice Department shows that the number of bankruptcies decreased 5 years in a row between 2010 and 2015, Nerd Wallet shows that overall personal debt has increased over at least 12 years.
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Let’s Talk Consumer Credit Counseling

A few years ago we touched upon the topic of problems paying bills. In that article we briefly mentioned Consumer Credit Counseling. That’s because it’s a free service, for the most part, that helps people set up payment arrangements to get rid of a lot of debt and takes a small percentage of it to help cover their costs so they can continue providing services for others.

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They’re the best known but there are other companies that can help you with this same type of thing. While accountants like us can help you set up a budget and help you manage your money, these companies have one specific goal, which is to help get you out of debt and keep you from adding onto it.
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5 Financial Issues You Should Plan For

Most of us go on the assumption that we always have time to get things in order, no matter what those things are. Then suddenly we’re surprised by something we weren’t expecting and we start scrambling to recover and address it.

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Unfortunately, this is a myth; it’s not true. Only the richest of us are ready for a catastrophe that’s going to cost money we hadn’t planned on spending. Well, that’s not quite true. Another group of people, hopefully some of us, are also looking at our financial situation and making plans for everything financial. Not just for emergencies but doing a little bit of long term planning, taking care of short term issues, and everything in between. Think about it this way; we’re either continually progressing, regressing, or stagnating; which one feels the best?
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