10 Ways To Change How You Think About Money

Do you think the economy has been rough over the last few years? Are you worried about health care bills, unemployment, the stock market, and problems associated with Covid? Those are pretty tough things to have on your mind these days.


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There have been issues with money throughout history. We’re not alone in our struggles. We haven’t quite gone through another depression, but we’ve had some drastic lows in the last 12-13 years, and we’ve also had some high in between.

It’s time we worked on changing our mindsets, pushing through the challenges and problems, perceived or not, and concentrate on, well, better ways to think about money. After all, there are some people bringing in serious money. There are also people who, after losing their jobs because of the pandemic, have found other ways to not only pay their bills but make more money than they were when they were employed.

With that said, and hoping to help bring some comfort into your life, here are 10 ways of changing how you think about money.

1. Money is not evil.

There’s a lot of people thinking money is evil; if it’s you, stop. After all, why would you want people to perceive you as being evil?

Think about this for a moment. There are a lot of people who volunteer their time helping out at places like food shelters, homeless shelters, etc. We applaud those people because they deserve it. Who we forget to applaud are the people who donate large amounts of money to help these people and organizations pay for things they need such as food, clothes, etc. The government isn’t going to pay enough for any of these groups to survive, so thinking about positive things money can do will make you feel better.

2. You need money to survive.

Let me ask you a question; how good do you feel if the best you can do is survive? The phrase above is true, but let’s think about it in a different way.

Instead of thinking about surviving, think about thriving instead. There are multiple ways to thrive, and all of them will help you earn a bigger income than you might be generating right now. For instance, learn more about your job and, if possible, more about the other jobs where you’re working. Take some classes, online and off, to improve your knowledge of the industry you’re in, or the industry you wish you were in. If you want to create something to make money, practice, learn, study and take a shot. Thriving’s immensely better than just surviving.

3. I have to take any old job to make money.

That’s not quite true, as you can always find something better than what might be presented your way. Even if it is, nothing says you have to stay there.

Many people have had to take a part time job or a job at a place they don’t want to be so they can pay their rent and eat. However, no job is a 24/7 proposition; think about what we said in #2 and use your off time to help improve your income and lot in life.

4. Everyone else has it easy when it comes to money.

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First, that’s not true, and second, why are you worrying about what someone else has?

The worst thing in the world is comparing yourself to someone else unless you want to learn how they do what they do. None of us are going to be Jeff Bezos any time soon. But if you think about it, he hasn’t always been the richest man in the world. Concern yourself with your needs and wants, including your family, and do what’s best for you to succeed.

5. Rich people have it easy.

Actually, no they don’t; at least not all of them. Some have had to work extremely long hours and work hard to earn that money. Sure, some have gotten breaks along the way here and there, but overall, their lot isn’t necessarily easier than yours. They may be able to pay their bills, but they also risk crashing burning harder and faster than you.

6. Making money is hard.

It doesn’t have to be. Think of something you can do that you’re good at, then see if there’s a market for it. If you don’t know how to do anything it’s hard, but almost everyone has skills they don’t think about where they can not only make money but enjoy doing it.

We’re not going to lie; some people do have issues with making good money on a consistent basis, especially if they’re self employed such as consultants. They also have opportunities come their way that allows them to make pretty good money during the period they’ve landed a contract.

If you’re already working, you’re in the perfect spot to make more since, strangely enough, many companies would rather hire someone who’s presently employed than someone who’s unemployed. Think about your job skills and see who else might be in need of them.

7. Health insurance will suck this country dry.

Why are you worried about health insurance more than worrying about staying healthy? Yes, we all need health insurance, but if we take care of ourselves we minimize how much we need it. Exercise, eat well, and get regular checkups so if something bad does happen, you can address it quickly.

8. There’s no jobs anywhere.

That’s a misnomer because there are jobs everywhere. What there’s not are as many non-skilled jobs paying like they used to. You don’t have to stay in that place. Start your own business, go to a trade school to learn something new, get a degree or certification in something, or just take something that brings in money while you work on improvements elsewhere.

9. If I had a lot of money, my life would be perfect.

Have you ever wondered why some rich people commit suicide, or get depressed? It’s not about money as much as mindset. We are what we choose to be when it comes to how we feel. Yes, money takes away worries of paying bills, but it won’t make you happy just having it. Of course, we’d all love to test that theory. 🙂

This is something you can physically do to check your mindset. One, start a gratitude journal and, on a daily basis, write down things you’re thankful for in your life… and not only things that take money. Two, write down 3 or 4 things you’d like to do in your life to generate more income, then write down where you presently are on the road to achieving one of them. This will highlight both the skills you have and the skills you should work on to help get to those goals. Write them down; no one remembers all of them all the time.

10. I want enough money to be comfortable.

This is the most limiting belief of all. How much money would it take for you to be comfortable? Once you got there, are you sure that’s enough money? Do you even know what comfortable is in your life? Is comfort having enough money to live the rest of your life, well, comfortably, without any worries? How much money is that exactly, since you probably didn’t figure in the need to money to pay for repairs, rising costs of rent or mortgages, food, etc… There’s no such thing as living comfortably across the board.

When we limit what we want, we end up fulfilling our wishes. In your mind, tell yourself that there’s never enough money. Strive for abundance. At some point, if you have enough money so you never have to work again and can live the life you want, then you can truly say you have enough. However, think about it this way; why do rich people continue trying to make more?

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