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Can You Afford To Buy A Home?

Many people, especially young married couples, start thinking that they need to buy a house, and as soon as possible. Home ownership can be pretty cool… that is, if you can afford it.

A Usual House
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Even if you have a pretty nice salary, individual or both spouses, you might find that owning a home costs way more than you expected it would. If you’re good at budgeting you might figure it out. If not… well, it could be harrowing.

Here are some things you need to know:
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10 Tips For Getting Out Of Debt

Many times, when people are looking for ways to reduce their debt, they go looking for someone else to help them with their problems. The truth of the matter is that every person is capable of figuring their way out of debt if they have a job and are bringing in some kind of money. It may not be easy but it’s better to have some background knowledge to help you move forward.

Below are some tips to employ to help you gradually, or quickly, work your way out of debt.

1. Write down all your debts.

This is always the first step, because, as Dr. Phil might say, you can’t address what you won’t acknowledge. Take one month’s worth of bills and write down what each is, as well as the amount you’re expected to pay. For credit cards, write down the annual percentage rate. Also, write down how much you estimate you spend on things such as food, gas, entertainment, etc. Yes, this is about budgeting.
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Saving Money By Staying In Regular Hotels Vs Resort Hotels… Sometimes

There was a seminar I was going to that was being held at a top flight resort in out of state. Even though the resort had rooms, I felt it was important to research prices of other hotels in the area.

Hotel Lobby, Salamanca (Spain), HDR
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The problem wasn’t the nightly price of the hotel. Because it’s an organizational event they were getting a very nice cut rate for the stay. After that though, everything else was going to add up to a pretty penny before I did anything else. Can you imagine paying $20 for a hamburger via room service? In the end, moving to a regular hotel, even one that’s costing $5 more a night for the room, turned out to be more economical.
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Taxes For 2020; Not A Lot Of Change

It’s tax season again, and hopefully everyone’s ready with the information their accountants or tax preparation people need to represent them properly. There aren’t a lot of changes via lawmakers this year, but there are a couple of new things we feel need to be mentioned.

First, obviously the entire country had to deal with the pandemic. Some people lost their jobs, while others had to work from home. Some restaurants closed (some permanently) while others figured out ways of doing either delivery, pick up or both. Some businesses qualified for and received PPP relief loans. And of course many people qualified for those stimulus checks. Let’s talk about some of these things.
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7 Ways To Start The New Year Off Right Financially

It never hurts to start thinking about your financial comfort. The beginning of the year is a great time to do it, even though any time you decide to do it is also a great time.

Numbers And Finance
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It’s in that vein that we give some general tips on financial planning, spending, budgeting, taxes, or other things that, because 2014 is right around the corner, is a good way to start planning for your financial future, or addressing some things in your past. We don’t call these resolutions because we’re not trying to change you just to change you. We hope to make you think about some financial aspects of your life and how you can feel more comfortable with just a few changes; okay, 7 changes. Here they are:
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