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Tracking Your Spending For Your Financial Health

How well do you track your spending habits?

We ask that question because a great number of people have absolutely no idea how or where they spend their money. This ends up with folks looking at their bank statements wondering where their money went, and sometimes leads them to either overdraw on their bank accounts or go over the limit on their credit cards.

Why is this important? Because while the Justice Department shows that the number of bankruptcies decreased 5 years in a row between 2010 and 2015, Nerd Wallet shows that overall personal debt has increased over at least 12 years.
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How To Gauge Products And Services You Should Be Paying For

Self employment is a wonderful thing if you can pull it off. What’s less than optimal is trying to run your business while still trying to do everything else you normally do that takes you away from running your business. All of us have tried it at one time or another, and eventually you either burn out or find yourself tiring to the extent that you’re slacking off on both your business and your projects.

There’s a process one should go through when making a determination as to whether or not you should keep doing what you do that’s not part of your career. Below are categories and things to think about that might help relieve you of some of your workload… even if it might cost you a bit of money.
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Financial Issues Couples Should Discuss

The previous article we published, 7 Financial Issues To Discuss With Elderly Family Members, was crucial to figuring out what’s important as family members get older and need to gain more control of their future. Although that article was specific to elderly family members, some of those issues are the same that couples, or those who are thinking about becoming couples, need to think about.

by Désirée Fawn

Unfortunately, not everyone who gets married stays married, and these days even people who don’t get married but decide to live together as a couple end up having to deal with financial decisions on the back end that they never considered. It rarely ends pretty, so thinking about things like what’s below makes a lot of sense before mistakes are made that can’t be fixed.
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7 Financial Issues To Discuss With Elderly Family Members

The most difficult conversation for families to have concerns money. It’s especially difficult when one party is getting up in age and has to start thinking about their future and the future of their loved ones as it concerns their assets.

It’s hard to start revealing one’s income and savings when they’ve been used to keeping things to themselves for most of their life. Sometimes couples have never talked about these things; scary but very true.
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Get Your Credit Cards In Order To Get Out Of Debt

Too many people are struggling with debt that should be easy to control. Credit cards make buying things easy, and low payments make us feel like we’ve got full control.

Credit Crunch
Mike Bitzenhofer via Compfight

Unfortunately, life isn’t always quite that simple. It turns out that minimum payments on credit cards could be the difference between getting out of debt in less than 3 years or having it linger as long as 9 years… and that’s if you never purchase another thing. It’s something most people don’t even think about; that’s we’re here to alert you.
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