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Let’s Talk Consumer Credit Counseling

A few years ago we touched upon the topic of problems paying bills. In that article we briefly mentioned Consumer Credit Counseling. That’s because it’s a free service, for the most part, that helps people set up payment arrangements to get rid of a lot of debt and takes a small percentage of it to help cover their costs so they can continue providing services for others.

consumer credit counseling
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They’re the best known but there are other companies that can help you with this same type of thing. While accountants like us can help you set up a budget and help you manage your money, these companies have one specific goal, which is to help get you out of debt and keep you from adding onto it.
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4 Things You Should Know When It Comes To Hospital Bills

Did you know that around 63% of all people who file for bankruptcy have a significant health care bill logged, and it’s most probably a hospital bill? For most of history large medical bills might have been included on credit reports, but lenders ignored it, which meant people could still get loans and still qualify for new credit cards. It pretty much meant that even if you were getting calls from collection agencies regarding medical bills and you ignored them that it wouldn’t impact your credit scores at all.

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Those days are long gone. Just like anything else that shows up negative on your credit report, if you haven’t attempted to take care of an outstanding medical bill you can’t buy a house or a car, you can’t get a credit card… you’re pretty much stuck with the consequences. Some people think it’s unfair because medical bills can be extensive and it’s not like anyone volunteers for the worse case scenarios. Still, hospitals, physicians, clinics, whatever… these are professional businesses, and they deserve to get paid.
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The Need For Financial Planning

We, T.L. Wall Accounting, are not financial planners in the normal sense. We don’t help you put money away for the future. We help with advice on budgeting issues, business or personal. What we’re trying to do is to get people thinking about their long term goals, whether long term means for the year or into retirement years.

financial planning

We help businesses budget their money so they can first get all their bills paid, then be able to buy new supplies and pay employees. Once the really important stuff has been taken care of we talk to them about what they feel is important to them long term. We might recommend monthly stipends of some sort. We might recommend putting some money in a savings account or CDs, or something like that. We might recommend putting money into the stock market or working with a real financial planner that’s looking to help finance their future.
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5 Financial Issues You Should Plan For

Most of us go on the assumption that we always have time to get things in order, no matter what those things are. Then suddenly we’re surprised by something we weren’t expecting and we start scrambling to recover and address it.

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Unfortunately, this is a myth; it’s not true. Only the richest of us are ready for a catastrophe that’s going to cost money we hadn’t planned on spending. Well, that’s not quite true. Another group of people, hopefully some of us, are also looking at our financial situation and making plans for everything financial. Not just for emergencies but doing a little bit of long term planning, taking care of short term issues, and everything in between. Think about it this way; we’re either continually progressing, regressing, or stagnating; which one feels the best?
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5 Rights You Have With Collection Agencies

Every once in a while we get contacted for budgeting services because a potential or current client has started getting calls from collection agencies. This can seem scary and irritating, and can cause some distress, but there are 5 rights you need to know that you have with collection agencies that might help.

1. They can only call during certain times.

collection calls

There are specific rules for when collection agencies are allowed to call you. Those times are from 8AM until 9PM, and only during the work week. I know, it’s pretty much your entire day. Still, at least you have a period where you’ll have some peace of mine.
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