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5 Rights You Have With Collection Agencies

Every once in a while we get contacted for budgeting services because a potential or current client has started getting calls from collection agencies. This can seem scary and irritating, and can cause some distress, but there are 5 rights you need to know that you have with collection agencies that might help.

1. They can only call during certain times.

collection calls

There are specific rules for when collection agencies are allowed to call you. Those times are from 8AM until 9PM, and only during the work week. I know, it’s pretty much your entire day. Still, at least you have a period where you’ll have some peace of mine.
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7 Ways You Should Be Thinking About Money And Your Small Business

Whether you’re in a large or small business, money is absolutely an issue. If you’re part of a large organization you have many options available to you when it comes to how you handle money. You’re probably not the owner or founder, which means you’re dealing with someone else’s money.

small businesses

It’s different for small business owners. Even if you have a few employees, money issues are always cropping up here and there. Even successful business owners started out struggling for survival, and possibly made one of the 7 things we’re going to talk about here.
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Is A Good Credit Score Worth The Debt?

Every finance website talks about having a good credit score. We talked about the importance of having a good credit score back in 2015 while mentioning that we still believe it’s best to pay off outstanding balances as soon as possible.

nattanan23 / Pixabay

This is contrary to what most financial experts would tell you. They tend to believe that it’s best to keep balances on your accounts and pay them down regularly to show that you have a consistent payment schedule going. Supposedly that encourages other lenders to loan you money because of your payment history.
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The Dichotomy Of Credit

I was recently reading an article about a millennial who wanted to buy a house. He was earning around $80K a year and was ready to pay a 20% down payment on the house he found to his satisfaction. The trouble came when he tried to get a loan; no one would give him one.

TheDigitalWay / Pixabay

The problem? He hadn’t had a credit card since he was 18 years old and started college. He ran it up to $500, got scared at how easy it was to spend money that fast, paid it off and never used credit again. He’d gotten a full scholarship to school, so he didn’t have any college loans to pay off.
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Don’t Go To A Payday Lender… Ever!

There’s a strong reason we stress budgeting for everyone, but especially for individuals. Budgeting is the best way of knowing how much money you have to spend and how much you might have left over for things you need out of the ordinary or things you might want to buy or do.

Unfortunately, too many people go about their business without a budget. They create too much debt because of their credit cards unnecessarily instead of saving some of it for an emergency. They spend their money without thinking on a lot of frivolous things. We understand; who doesn’t want nice things?
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