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4 Ways To Conquer Your Money Fears

Is there anything more scary than not having enough money for the things you need to take care of? Whether it’s food, bills, clothing, kids, other things, it’s a frightening proposition when you can’t figure out if you have enough money or, worse yet, don’t have a job or work in a career where you work from project to project.

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Even though we have a fairly thriving business, nothing’s ever guaranteed. Even rich people worry about downturns in income depending on how they generate their income and spend it. Very few people in the world have unlimited money, and there comes that “push to shove” moment where we all need to get going, otherwise things might get cramped.
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Should You Get A Part Time Job?

One of the main themes on this blog is helping to advise people on how to be more fiscally responsible. We talk about budgeting often because we don’t believe anyone can get ahead and feel secure with their financial situation long term without knowing how much money they’re bringing in, how much is going to bills, how much is being put away and how much is left to begin thinking about other things you might want to buy.

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Sometimes people wait too long to get financial counseling, and then they discover they’re making less than what their bills are costing them, or barely breaking even. This leaves people with 5 basic choices for getting out of trouble:
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