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5 Reasons High School Students Should Be Taught About Finances

The fact is the overwhelming majority of Americans, and possibly people in other countries, do a bad job of handling their money properly. We tend to believe it’s because most people really don’t think about learning anything about finances until they get into trouble. If they did want to know more where would they go, besides a few blogs I know of or maybe an accounting firm? 🙂

David Robert Bliwas via Compfight

Obviously I was in high school in the past. I learned a lot of things I was never going to have any use for. Some of it I enjoyed, but since I never saw myself as becoming any kind of scientist or a historian, I’m thinking something I could have used, that would have made my early adult life easier, were lessons on personal finance. That would have helped me a great deal, not only when I had to go out on my own but even in college.
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