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Your Financial Life Is On You

It’s hard relying on anyone else for our financial health. Whether it’s the government, our employer, our customers, the stock market or something else, when all is said and done it always falls back on the rest of us.

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You want to know a truth, one that might shock your foundation? It doesn’t matter what the government does when it comes to us. We have to be truthful and honest with ourselves about this.
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5 Small Business Expenses Worth Paying For

One of the problems with having a small business is that sometimes you don’t have much of one of two things: time and cash. There never seems to be enough time to get everything taken care of that you want to get to, and even if you’re making money, there doesn’t seem to be enough for everything you need to pay for.

cleaning service expenses
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I can’t help you specifically with the time issue, but I can definitely help you start thinking better about the expenses side of things that actually might help you with time.
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