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5 Financial Things You Need In Your Life

There’s no doubt that financially many people are hurting. It takes planning and responsibility to be on a safe financial footing. There are a few things everyone needs at least one of that are related to the betterment of one’s financial life. If you’re without any of these items you’re going to have difficulties somewhere along the line. Here are 5 things you need and the explanations why, even if a few of them you might not want to think about.

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1. Bank account.
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Understanding Profit

Everyone understands the concept of profit right? Well, apparently not, although it’s not their fault. Everyone thinks they understand, and on one level they might. Let’s talk a little bit about profit, and what’s going on with the economy right now.

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First, the generic discussion about profit. One achieves profit when they have money left over after taking care of their expenses. That’s a very simplistic vision of profit, but I want to start simply. For personal wages, if, after you get paid, you can pay your bills and still have some money left over, you’ve earned a “profit”. Now, you might squander that money needlessly later on, but you did have a profit for awhile.
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