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The Most Important Financial Consideration You Should Have Your Mind On

At different periods in time there are job losses, houses being repossessed, businesses in disarray, companies going into bankruptcy or shutting their doors forever… the list goes on and on. There’s no such thing as a stable economy; if one things going well something else isn’t.

hospital bills
Engin_Akyurt via Pixabay

We’ve had numerous conversations about saving money, paying down bills, how to buy things at less cost, eliminating debt, and a host of other recommendations that are all very good. One thing that’s been somewhat lost, yet always makes its presence felt, is health care coverage. We need to talk about how important it is to maintain health care coverage for you and your family.
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How Does Your Money Flow?

Whenever we hear about workers being laid off, people being fired, companies being closed or government shutdowns, we start thinking about our own money and what we’d do if suddenly we didn’t have a viable income to pay our bills and incidentals such as food, gas, and occasional entertainment. Sometimes we get it off our minds as soon as possible because it’s happening to “someone” else, but the reality is that sometimes it’s happening to people who are making money and they don’t know it.

NettoFigueiredo via Pixabay

Do you give much thought to how your money flows? Being solvent isn’t always enough. Sure, you’re paying your bills, eating well and having fun, but what happens if an emergency crops up? Can you pay for a new muffler without maximizing your credit card? Can you afford to pay a plumber if your bathtub starts leaking from your upstairs bathroom into your kitchen?
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