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Weaning Yourself Off Credit Cards

There’s a news story indicating that upwards of 29% of Americans spend no actual cash on purchases. It also states that those earning $75,000 or more are twice as likely to never use cash as those making around $30,000.

Republica via Pixabay

Although the article doesn’t mention which, this means that more people are using either credit or debit cards when they go shopping. For many this isn’t an issue; for others it’s problematic.
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Why T. L. Wall Accounting & Tax Corp?

Over the past six years we’ve given a lot of advice on many things related to financial health, both business and personal; budgeting, bookkeeping, accounting, income; etc. We’ve rarely talked about ourselves as a commercial for why anyone would want to work with us. Therefore, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves again, and show why we feel we’re one of the top small accounting firms in the Syracuse and central New York area.
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