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5 More Things To Know About Self Employment

Two years ago we wrote a post titled 5 Things To Know About Self Employment. It covered some pretty good ground, but there’s so many more things that we can share which will help you if you’re not already working on your own and are thinking about exploring it. As with everything else in life, some of it’s good, some of it’s scary. Let’s take a look at 5 more things regarding self employment.

self employment

1. You need to plan for the possibility of making a lot of money. One client of ours spent the first few years basically floundering; he wasn’t a client at that time. Then he struck virtual gold and over the next two years he made more than $350,000 total; sounds great, right?
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5 Things You Need To Know About Debt

The topic of debt is one that a lot of people want to run away from. The problem with debt is that you can’t hide from it. You can let it bring you down or you can address it.


We believe in addressing debt and fear of debt. We also believe there’s a large range of issues concerning debt that most people never think about. With that said, here are XX things you need to know about debt.
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