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Determining Business Expense Needs Vs Wants

In the last quarter of every year, all companies start to take a look at their income. If they’ve had a profit, they start thinking about ways to spend some of it before the year ends so they can write it off their expenses.

Overall it’s a great strategy. If you haven’t had to spend a lot of money during the year and you have a nice profit, it’s the best time of the year for purchases. You could even possibly save money because many businesses have sales in the last quarter of the year because of the holidays.
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Being Financially Prepared In The Case Of Death

Almost nobody wants to discuss the topic of death, which also means no one wants to discuss money as it concerns death. Yet every day someone passes away and a family or business is suddenly struggling to survive, let alone succeed.

Admittedly it’s a hard topic to discuss, especially with elderly family members, and the younger you are the less inclined you are to even plan for eventuality, let alone talk about it. Still, deciding not to address this 800-pound gorilla will cause others a lot of grief.
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