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How To Negotiate Loan/Credit Card Payment Adjustments

Sometimes you find yourself having some trouble paying off some of your bills. The first rule of thumb is to take care of your personal needs first and then work on paying back your creditors. Certain things are paramount, like car insurance and mortgage/rent, which means you need to look at items like credit cards and loan payments to try to negotiate a lower payment rate.

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Before we get too far into that, you need to know that this should be your second to last line of action, which the last thing to think about being bankruptcy. You should consider these two points before you go down the negotiation road.
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3 Things To Know About Bankruptcy & Your Business

No one ever wants to think about bankruptcy, but it happens frequently. Whether it’s business or personal, sometimes it feels like it’s unavoidable. There’s a stigma attached to it although, strangely enough, rich people don’t feel as often as the rest of us.

Still, it’s something that needs to be addressed because it’s not the “end all” that it sounds like it can be… at least not across the board. We’re going to talk about 3 things we feel you should know and understand so that you’re armed with at least a little bit of knowledge if you believe it’s something you should consider.
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