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What You Need To Know When Starting Your New Business

If I were to start a new business again, I would hope to first read the book Before You Quit Your Job by Robert Kiyosaki. It talks about the reality of what it takes to get into the proper mindset of self employment. It’s not all that easy for the majority of people. Over 95% of all new businesses shut down with 3 years of starting.

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We’ll let Kiyosaki handle the mindset part of this. What we’re going to touch upon are more tangible things you need to think about that will help you transition from what you were doing before to set yourself up properly for what you want to do now.
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Should You Balance Transfer Your Way Out Of Debt?

It feels like every day we get another letter in the mail offering us the opportunity to get a new credit card. Most of them come with some kind of deal, which is usually 0% for six months if you balance transfer from your current credit cards. Some people give thought to using the process of transferring debt as a way to get out of credit card trouble. Can it work? Let’s talk about it.

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Any time your debt is at a low interest rate, it’s a good thing. Even when we talked about interest rates not always being the best option, when it comes to outstanding debt it’s always the best option… if you’re already in that position.
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