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Greetings From Terri Wall

Hello, and welcome to the T. L. Wall Accounting Blog. Our purpose with this blog will not only be to present services to you that we can provide, but also to provide you with financial information we feel will be pertinent to all of our clients and to anyone else that’s looking for financial information. We expect to gear more of our information to businesses, but we will also talk about issues as they might pertain to individuals as well, such as budgeting and taxes.

Our office is located in North Syracuse on Route 11 but we handle the finances of small businesses through the Syracuse and Onondaga County area and the surrounding counties as well such as Oswego, Oneida and Madison counties. We even have some long distance clients, those who have moved yet love our services so much that they’ll mail us what we need to take care of them.

Come along with us on this journey and, if you ever need to talk to someone about accounting, bookkeeping, or tax services, as well as a host of other services we can provide, please feel free to contact us at 315-314-7253 of by email at Let the fun begin!

5 Reasons You Might Need An Accountant

Because we’re an accounting firm, you might think this post is more self serving that helpful, but we assure you that our intentions are good. All you have to do is read an article like this one, Costly Accounting Mistakes, which talks about errors made by people trying to keep up with their own records and tax processing when there are factors that get in their way to know that maybe having an accounting helping you out isn’t such a bad thing. We thought we’d get things started off on the right foot with this blog by talking about 5 reasons why you might need an accountant.

1. Saves you time. We don’t doubt that many people can handle their own bookkeeping, tax preparation and the like. What we also know is that many people don’t have the time to dedicate to it because they’re either out there scraping for the dollars or busy with personal concerns. You work hard to make your money, and when you have down time, you could be doing your finances or be out having fun with your family. How much easier would it be to have someone who can take all of your information and put it together for you?

2. Information tracking. This ties in to our previous point. If you’re a business with many different divisions you can find out how you’re making your money without having to do all the work on your own. You can customize how much or how little you want to track, and an accountant can get it done for you. If you want alerts to things such as the need to pay more quarterly taxes or telling you that you might want to add some expenses to help keep your taxes lower, an accountant can work with you on those types of things.

3. Tax rules. Did we mention taxes above? There are a lot of tax preparation companies out there and they all do a pretty good job. When it comes to business taxes though would you feel more comfortable with someone who just did a crash course on the subject or someone with years of experience who only had to learn a few differences for the current year?

4. Budgeting education. Personal budgeting is something we greatly support, but something most people are either reluctant to do or don’t know how to do. We might not be able to help you with your reluctance, but we can certainly show you how it’s done, do it for you, or train you on Quickbooks if you want to track things that way. Budgeting can bring you peace of mind, long term financial health, and get you out of financial trouble if you’ve gone astray and need help.

5. Peace of mind. Yes, we did say peace of mind. The thing that most people worry about are their finances, whether they have an excess of money or not. If you don’t know how your money is being used then you don’t know how to decide what you can spend money on for fun or what you need to spend money on for more important things. Accountants do bring peace of mind to you because they’ll call you if things are off the mark and give you updates when you’re doing well. It’s always a comforting feeling knowing someone’s watching over your money when you don’t have the time to do it yourself.