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4 Ways To Handle Hospital Bills

The thought about having to deal with a medical bill is scary. It’s mainly because overwhelmingly, most people have no idea what a service or procedure they might need is going to cost. They also have little knowledge of how much their insurance company is going to pay, if they cover the service, and then how much they’re going to be responsible for later on.

With insurance, even if the amount you’d have to pay ends up being tiny by comparison to how much you’re being charged up front, the truth is that medical bills can be higher than you expect. Sometimes they’re so high that it’s difficult to address them and still keep up with all your other bills.
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5 Reasons You Need To Start Budgeting Your Money

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about this, but it’s time to remind everyone again: you need to start budgeting your money. Most people hate when we say things like this but you know we’re telling the truth. No matter how good or bad the economy is, many people end up in trouble because they’re not verifying that they have enough money to pay their bills and pay for things they want instead of things they need.

Olichel via Pixabay

When things start going badly, you need to be prepared and know how to handle your money, whether you’re working or not. Maybe you need to dip into savings or go on a payment plan for some of your bills. Without knowing what your general cash flow is you’re going to be in trouble.
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Many Financial Issues Are Our Fault

Our government officials, both state and federal, are bashing each other on the heads while trying to change health care, dealing with debt limit increases or reductions, looking at unemployment that doesn’t seem to be going down, few new jobs being created, gas prices rising again, lowering taxes for the rich and increasing them for the middle class and a host of other issues. With all of that going on, we thought it was a good time for us to take a look in the mirror and claim our part in the mess.

I know many of us think “what did I do”? We’re going to point out 5 things we did that have contributed to all this mess we have. We’re not picking sides on any of these issues; I’m just calling them out, taking part of the blame and bringing you along with me.
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Should You Buy A House?

Here’s a general question that almost every adult at one time or another in their lives either ask themselves or have someone else ask: should You buy a house? It’s a tough question to answer most of the time because not all circumstances are equal, and not all “homes” are houses. After all, purchasing certain types of condos could be considered homes, and in cities like New York City people purchase apartments as their homes. So let’s stick with the main topic of whether you should buy a house or not.

Christmas day sunset
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The thing about buying a house is that it’s not really yours initially… it’s only yours once it’s totally paid for. You can modify it as you wish. You might have a yard you can do things with. You’ll probably know where you can park your car if you have a garage. You might have a basement as living space or for storage. And, if you have a growing family, having a house will provide security, protection, possibly more space for more bodies, and great memories down the line.
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Are You Financially Ready For Some Normalcy?

It’s been a rough 15 months or so of having to deal with the pandemic. Our health was paramount as something to deal with, but our finances were a close second. Many people lost jobs; others started working from home. This led to a major change in our economy; a lot of stores closed and aren’t coming back.

Unfortunately there’s little we can do about that. Many people barely had enough money for food, rent, mortgage and other bills. Luckily, many companies worked with us to help us get through the worst of it; so did many states.
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