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20 Personal Finance Ideas

There was a news story some years ago titled 20 Personal Finance Do’s And Dont’s. It was a pretty good story, and though I’m not going to quote it, I am going to list the 20, and add my own commentary. I recommend you go to the story to see what they had to say for each of them.

1. Don’t try to predict the future.

nvodicka via Pixabay

This one is a no-brainer, and yet it’s not how most of us live. If we didn’t, would there be a stock market? The smart thing is to plan for the future instead of predicting it; you protect yourself better that way.
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The Most Important Financial Consideration You Should Have Your Mind On

At different periods in time there are job losses, houses being repossessed, businesses in disarray, companies going into bankruptcy or shutting their doors forever… the list goes on and on. There’s no such thing as a stable economy; if one things going well something else isn’t.

hospital bills
Engin_Akyurt via Pixabay

We’ve had numerous conversations about saving money, paying down bills, how to buy things at less cost, eliminating debt, and a host of other recommendations that are all very good. One thing that’s been somewhat lost, yet always makes its presence felt, is health care coverage. We need to talk about how important it is to maintain health care coverage for you and your family.

Most of us don’t sit around thinking about health care all that often. If we get sick, or a family member gets sick, or we get hurt, or a doctor diagnoses something critical, then it’s important to us. Rarely at any other time is it on our minds. If you lose your job and no one’s in bad health, it’s one of the last things you think about. It’s easy enough to do and it’s understandable because so many other things are hitting you in the face in that moment.
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How Does Your Money Flow?

Whenever we hear about workers being laid off, people being fired, companies being closed or government shutdowns, we start thinking about our own money and what we’d do if suddenly we didn’t have a viable income to pay our bills and incidentals such as food, gas, and occasional entertainment. Sometimes we get it off our minds as soon as possible because it’s happening to “someone” else, but the reality is that sometimes it’s happening to people who are making money and they don’t know it.

NettoFigueiredo via Pixabay

Do you give much thought to how your money flows? Being solvent isn’t always enough. Sure, you’re paying your bills, eating well and having fun, but what happens if an emergency crops up? Can you pay for a new muffler without maximizing your credit card? Can you afford to pay a plumber if your bathtub starts leaking from your upstairs bathroom into your kitchen?
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Weaning Yourself Off Credit Cards

There’s a news story indicating that upwards of 29% of Americans spend no actual cash on purchases. It also states that those earning $75,000 or more are twice as likely to never use cash as those making around $30,000.

Republica via Pixabay

Although the article doesn’t mention which, this means that more people are using either credit or debit cards when they go shopping. For many this isn’t an issue; for others it’s problematic.
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Why T. L. Wall Accounting & Tax Corp?

Over the past six years we’ve given a lot of advice on many things related to financial health, both business and personal; budgeting, bookkeeping, accounting, income; etc. We’ve rarely talked about ourselves as a commercial for why anyone would want to work with us. Therefore, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves again, and show why we feel we’re one of the top small accounting firms in the Syracuse and central New York area.

We don’t have multiple offices around the state; we sit right on Main Street in North Syracuse. We don’t have dozens of specialized accountants. We have who we need to address the issues that small to medium sized business owners and individuals have, and we’ve proven over the years that we’re as accurate as anyone else.

Terri Wall has been a small business owner for over 20 years. She’s worked with a partner and now is the head of her own corporation. She also has worked in corporate accounting, starting out in that world, so she has the benefit of experience in that area. The combination of both helps to set her and her company apart from many others.

One thing that benefits many small business owners is working with someone who is just like they were. It’s not easy starting one’s own business and even harder making it a great success. Being able to work with someone who’s been there and is now doing well on her own is inspiring and comforting.

Something else that’s to our benefit is that our customers aren’t just customers, but become friends. We can take the time to not only work with you but discuss issues that bother you. We can usually find a quick 5 minutes to address a question you might have, but will always get back to everyone within 24 hours, except during holidays and of course tax season. We get to understand how you like to do business and what your strengths and weaknesses are, and we make sure we keep in touch with you with a quick phone call or email, if that’s your preferred way of being contacted.

Finally, we’re an affordable choice for all our clients. We can offer as much or as little time and advice as you need, but we’re always there for your tax needs and will make sure to keep you and your business on time and in line, safe from tax penalties. We’re also there if you need help with budgeting or bill paying, Quickbooks training, and any other type of financial consulting you need for your business.

Versatile, friendly, accurate and local; what more could want in an accounting company? We’d love to have your business, and we’re just a phone call away at 315-314-7253. We hope you enjoy our blog, and we’d love to work with you.